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The Kageyama to my Hinata

The Mako to my Haru

"Thank you, Hiyori."


"How foolish the Public Safety Bureau is… He could’ve been made clear again. He still could’ve been saved." 

I’m going to make lots of memories from now on


One of my FAV arguments 

Hinata: (in reference to hitting Kageyama’s toss) *sighs* I don’t know how to time it at all..

Kageyama: You’ve got fast reflexes! So go like…’PAH!’, like ‘GWAH!’

Hinata: ‘PAH!’-like or ‘GWAH!’-like, WHICH IS IT??

神代 利世

「 Kumo brothers 」

shingeki no kyojin - chapter 62 | eren yeager 
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