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The Kageyama to my Hinata

The Mako to my Haru

Remember that we lived.


"Makoto stop that. You look so silly when you wear those."
"Is that so? Then why are you flustered? Look at me in the eye."

BAND AU! Wherein Makoto is the lead vocalist and Haru is the drummer. During their photoshoots these two would often forget that there are people in the room looking at them. Often the interviewers would question about their closeness saying that they’re a bit too close as childhood friends and Makoto would always smile and go "We just love each other a bit too much!" Then Haru would slap him randomly from the back where he prefers to sit so people won’t see how red and shy he gets. Close-up flustered Haru

The eye wink at the hand, yet let that be
Which the eye fears, when it is done, to see
∟Day 1: Blushing

there was never any sanity to begin with.

We will turn to dust
Tokyo Ghoul + Masks


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